Beautiful Blueprints for the Wrong Product

Have you ever heard of Peter Drucker? If not, that's ok (you can glance at this Wikipedia article).

Drucker is considered a guru on management and organizational productivity.

If it sounds like what he writes about will be boring, that's incorrect. It's not boring. Drucker does some deep thinking about human action and how to make it effective: how you can get the right things done.

And who doesn't want to get the right things done? No one sets himself to getting the wrong things done — not on purpose.

That's why I don't think you need to be "an executive" to benefit from one of his more popular books: The Effective Executive.

In a sense, everyone is an executive the moment that he sets himself to getting something done — carrying it from idea to completed reality. That can be anyone: you, me, the guy down the street. That can be any job: teacher, mother, priest, entrepeneur.

If you're not going to read the book, I want to share this line with you, so that you don't miss it:

There are few things less pleasing to the Lord, and less productive, than an engineering department that rapidly turns out beautiful blueprints for the wrong product.

I love that phrase: beautiful blueprints for the wrong product.

Are you working hard? Are you proud of what you've turned out?


But what's it for? 

Make sure you're working on the right thing.