A Good Book - The First 20 Hours: How to Learn Anything Fast

In the same trip in which I picked up How to Think Like an Entrepeneur, I picked up a book called The First 20 Hours. The subtitle is How to Learn Anything Fast....

(It wasn't until I had bought the book that I realized it was recommended by Seth Godin.)

The book's author, Josh Kaufman, explains how to acquire skills rapidly — within 20 hours. He's not a huckster. He's not promising that you can play the guitar like a master with only 20 hours' practice.

Instead, Kaufman points out that you don't need to master most skills — you just need to be good enough. Good enough to do what? Kaufman helps you think through your end or goal of the skill so you don't try to learn more than necessary.

But even getting good enough for a limited goal can be daunting. 

So Kaufman also shows you how to break down a skill into smaller, manageable sub-skills. Rather than "play the guitar," learn a few chords and strumming techniques, for example.

I'm making that example up. He doesn't discuss the guitar (the ukelele is in the book, though).

The skill I read about was programming in Ruby. Kaufman did a great job of breaking that skill into smaller, practical parts.

A good book, and I'm looking forward to the other chapters.