Alternatives to the Family Classics

We like to play games together. But we don't always enjoy sitting down for an epic game of Monopoly or Scrabble. We've discovered some new games that we enjoy so here's a little bit about those games.

First of all there's Jaipur. This is a fun, quick game of Egyptian commerce. You get camels and jewels and spices and you trade these these in for points. After you play a couple times you start to develop a strategy. Older kids start to understand what items are the most valuable and how to set their sights on winning. You play three rounds before there's a real winner. In between, you can win some of the rounds. I've found that this helps with hurt feelings of those who might lose. There are definitely more chances to triumph and a potential for less tears.

In the same vein of multiple rounds before there's one grand winner is Sushi Go! In addition to the ADORABLE cards, there are quick hands in which you must decide which cards to keep and which to pass to your neighbor. This happens numerous times before the end of the round and then it's time for some calculation practice in adding up your totals. We love this game for the aesthetics and strategy.

We've only just started playing Sleeping Queens but it's a new favorite as well. The kids want to play every night. It was invented by a school-aged girl which is especially fascinating when you start playing and consider all the variety she built in. There are kings and queens; knights and dragons; sleeping potions and magic wands. It's all quite fun!

What favorites do you play? Do you stick to the Bicycle classics or are you a fierce Settlers fan? Let us know in the comments!


Alishia HansonComment