The Doughnut's Comeback

Is it just me, or is anyone else noticing that the doughnut seems to be making a comeback?

The Town & Country shopping center, home to the hip restaurants of Chris Bianco and site of a Whole Foods, has a Dunkin Donuts (which looks way hipper than the Dunkin Donuts that used to be at Tatum and Bell, which I remember from my childhood).

Rainbow Donuts has spread. There was one on 7th Street, not far from Northern, when we lived in Sunnyslope. Not long after we moved toward 40th Street, a Rainbow Donuts went in at Thunderbird.

And then there's my favorite: Bosa Donuts. If there's one thing that can gladden my heart when I'm on 32nd Street north of Shea (site of the now-gone bowling alley where I had my bachelor party), it's the Bosa Donuts that's taken up residence in the defunct Wendy's building.

Bosa's donuts are delicious. Better than Krispy Kremes, even when Krispy Kremes were a thing (are they still a thing?).

I'm glad that the doughnut is strong. Whole Foods and hip restataurants are great, but it's nice to know that the simple, sugary doughnut hasn't gone extinct or been pushed to the margin of the Phoenix food ecosystem.