Conjugating Introvert

The Nounish Definitions of Introvert

The dictionary on my computer defines the word introvert as:

 A shy, reticent person.

It also gives the word's meaning in the field of psychology:

A person predominantly concerned with their own thoughts and feelings rather than with external things.

This jibes with my own operative definition of introvert:

A person who, rather than wishing to go to a party or social gathering, prefers to stay home and either read or watch Netflix.

But these definitions use the word introvert as a noun: to name a kind of person.

Introvert as a Verb

I propose that we use the word introvert as a verb.

According to Webster, this is permissible:

to turn inward or in upon itself;
to concentrate or direct upon oneself;
to produce psychological introversion in.

And verbing the word would harken back to the word's original sense: to turn one's thoughts inward in spiritual contemplation (according to my computer's dictionary).

Conjugation Practice with Introvert

So let's practice using the verb:

  • I introvert.
  • You introvert.
  • She introverts.
  • We introvert.
  • You all introvert.
  • They introvert.
  • I needed to introvert.
  • You were introverting when I arrived.
  • He would have been introverting, but his wife invited friends over.

You'll get the hang of it.

Keep it Simple

Now, I'm not sure that we need to freight the verb with weighty connotations: to concentrate or direct upon oneself and turning one's thoughts inward in spiritual contemplation seem loftier than we often need.

I propose that we use the word introvert to describe that thing you do when the thought of spending more time around people exhausts and disheartens you, and so you lay on the bed and stare at the line where the wall and the ceiling meet, alone with your thoughts, and then rise up refreshed 15 minutes later.

You introverted.

Further Reading

If you don't want to help me turn the word into a more-often-used verb, but want to think more about the subject of introversion, read the book Introvert Power

Or if you want a slightly more popular book, read Quiet by Susan Cain.

Both books are good occasions for the introvert to do some introverting.

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