Redwood Tree in Oak Creek Canyon

Earlier this week, I mentioned the sycamore tree in a post. (Before that, I'd never mentioned a sycamore tree in anything.)

By the power of association, the sycamore tree put a song in my head: Van Morrison's "Redwood Tree." Here it is (and if you're tempted to think that it's not for you, give it a listen until at least 1:19):


I like the song (I don't pretend to understand the lyrics). I may have heard it years ago (my dad had Van Morrison mix tapes when I was a kid), but the first time I noticed it was last summer. 

The family and I were driving to Oak Creek Canyon, and the song came on just outside Sedona. It really caught me. I listened to it twice as we drove into town. And I listened to it again, on the way back home.

(By the way, if you want a spot to take your kids to in the Oak Creek Canyon, you could do worse than Bootlegger.)