Stuff We Like: Bank of Books in Ventura, California

Last Friday, on vacation, I was with two of my girls in Ventura.

We strolled up and down Main Street, visiting the thrift stores, where we checked out the used books. (In the Salvation Army thrift store, Stella found a copy of The Indispensable Calvin and Hobbes, and I found an extra copy of Drucker's The Effective Executive.)

We stopped at Palermo for a coffee and a muffin (the three of us split a coconut-pineapple muffin). We were waiting until 10:00, when our main destination would open for business: Bank of Books.

Bank of Books is a good used-book store. It has a decent selection and it's well organized (for a used-book store). It has two floors, one of which is a basement, and so you get to really explore the space and do some serious browsing.

Since we've been vacationing in Ventura for several years now, and since I usually get into Bank of Books, I was able to note how my focus has shifted over the years. In times past, I would head straight to Theology or Foreign Languages (looking for Latin). This time around, I spent the bulk of my time in Business and Management.

Here's some of what I picked up: