Stuff We Like: Machi Koro

The family we vacationed with plays board games. So do we — sometimes. (Sometimes I don't have the energy to play, and I disappoint my kids. I'm a terrible parent.)

The big hit of the trip was Machi Koro.

You're the mayor of a city (Machi Koro) and you're trying to develop 4 landmarks before your competitors. You generate income for developing those landmarks by developing other properties first. All of this is done by means of dice, cards, and little cardboard coins.

It's a fun game. And it is a sweet, sweet feeling to have your fellow mayors roll a 3 when you're the owner of multiple bakeries and you have a shopping mall developed.

Game play is relatively quick, so it's a good game for hanging out and drinking with friends.

My children enjoy it, too, but I wouldn't let them watch this trailer: