God is not Standoffish: Five Years of Perpetual Adoration at St. Joan of Arc

Yesterday, our parish — St. Joan of Arc — celebrated the fact that it has had perpetual adoration for five years.

During the homily, our pastor was explaining why it is so important to have perpetual adoration. He stressed that Catholics need to take advantage of perpetual adoration, in order to spend time with the Lord.

He also stressed that spending time with the Lord can be a very simple thing: "He looks at me and I look at Him."

And in discussing God's generosity — God's making Himself really present in the Sacrament — the pastor used a line that stuck with me:

God is not standoffish.

God is not distant and aloof. God is here, with us; and He is friendly.

The real presence is an astounding act of God's humility and love.

God is not standoffish.