Napoleon's Fluency — Hanson's Week in Review: May 15 through 22, 2016

I'm going to keep it brief this week, because something happened to the running list of items that I try to keep current throughout the week. The list appears not to have updated properly. Investigations are ongoing.

But here's what I have to report about this week's consumption of books and media:

Napoleon: A Life

I started listening to the audio version of Napoleon: A Life because I had finished listening to the memoir of Oliver Sacks. I wanted some more story, some more narrative. So far, so good. Napoleon was good at math, bad at languages.

Fluent Forever

This site (there's also a book, which I intend to write about separately) will show you how to learn a language efficiently. The author, Gabriel Wyner, was an engineering student who became an opera singer, and he tried to figure out effective ways to learn all those opera languages.

Joe Buhlig Podcast

I listed to two more Buhlig podcasts last week: one on his GTD structure (I like that kind of thing) and one on the difference between reading articles or blog posts versus reading books.

The Writing Road to Reading

I got The Writing Road to Reading in order to continue exploring what homeschooling in the Hanson house might look like. I just started reading the introductory material last night (foreword & preface), so I don't have much to report. I'm initially attracted by the systematicness of it. I like systems.