Austin Kleon on Sharing: The Guiding Principle of "Show Your Work"

I like Austin Kleon.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned listening to him in some podcasts.

Share Your Work with Others

Last night, I started re-reading his book Show Your Work.

Almost all of the people I look up to and try to steal from today, regardless of their profession, have built sharing into their routine.

These people aren't schmoozing at cocktail parties; they're too busy for that.

They're cranking away in their studios, their laboratories, or their cubicles , but instead of maintaining absolute secrecy and hoarding their work, they're open about what they're working on, and they're constantly posting bits and pieces of their work, their ideas, and what they're learning online.

I like this passage, and the message (share rather than hoard) is one I've heard elsewhere: e.g., in Seth Godin's Linchpin and in Jason Fried's Rework. (Check out these lines from Rework.)

The principle of share your work with others — even if it is still a work in progress or the work of learning — is the guiding principle of Show Your Work.

New Page Here at Just a Catholic Family: The Workshop

I created a new page here at Just a Catholic Family. It's called The Workshop.

The Workshop is consonant with the Kleon principle of show your work. I'm sharing works in progress (my notes, for example) and stuff I'm learning (quotes, excerpts, etc.), which are materials for work.

The Workshop also springs from my recent woodworking experience. It was cool to walk into the shop and see what other people were working on: to see written plans for works not yet built and to see projects in various stages (cut, assembled, glued, finished).

Feel free to check it out, and check back from time to time to see what else is happening in the Workshop.