Do You Want to Learn Wood Working? Go to the Southwest School of Woodworking

If you're interested in learning how to work with wood and you live in Phoenix, then you should check out the classes at the Southwest School of Woodworking.

Why I Went to the Southwest School of Woodworking

In November 2015, I got a hankering to learn how to work with wood. The hankering developed after I read The Carepenter's Manifesto.

My hankering formed itself into a desire to set up a workshop in the garage, a desire which has fueled my ongoing clean-out-the-garage project. (The clean-out-the-garage project also draws inspiration from my reading of Marie Kondo.)

The garage reached a state in which a beginner's workshop and some amateur woodworking seemed not far off.

So I went to Home Depot to check out the tools.

But I was overwhelmed by my own ignorance in the face of all the clamps, saws, chisels, and various other tools of the craft.

I realized I needed to find a guide — someone to teach me in person about what I would need and how I would use it.

Learning to work with wood — even figuring out what tools to buy — wasn't something I could learn easily from a book.

The Southwest School of Woodworking

After being overwhelmed at Home Depot (which I later learned is not a good place to buy tools for woodworking), I jumped on the internet, searched for classes in Phoenix for woodworking, and found the Southwest School of Woodworking.

I enrolled in Fundamentals of Traditional Woodworking 1 (there is also a 2 and a 3). (The photo above is my workbench in class.)

I review my experience of The Southwest School of Woodworking in another post.