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What will You find at Just a Catholic Family?

You are going to find two things at Just a Catholic Family

  1. Helpful posts (they help you either to do something or to think about something) and
  2. Helpful lists (they point you to resources & tools that we've found helpful ourselves).

It's called Just a Catholic Family and it's run by a Catholic family, so you might think that it's got stuff only for Catholics and for families. But make no mistake: you don't need to be Catholic or to have kids to benefit from what Just a Catholic Family has to offer.

Who are the Contributors?

Just a Catholic Family currently has two writers: James & Alishia Hanson. If you're interested, here are some things to know about them as a couple and as a family:

You can find out more about Alishia & James Hanson in the sections below.

Alishia Hanson

Here are some things to know about Alishia Hanson:

  • She was born in Wisconsin, and her family moved to Phoenix in 1983.
  • Her parents divorced when she was 8.
  • She attended public schools in Scottsdale & Phoenix; she graduated from Paradise Valley High School in 1993; and she graduated from Seattle Pacific University in 1997.
  • After receiving a teaching certificate, she taught grade-school computers and high-school English at Scottsdale Christian Academy; she taught English as a Second Language in a public high school; and she worked as a middle-school librarian.
  • Besides being a licensed real-estate agent, she is a homemaker & a homeschooling mom.

James Hanson

Here are some things to know about James Hanson:

  • He was born and raised in Phoenix.
  • His dad (who was born in Phoenix, too) died in 2003; his mom (who was raised in Phoenix) is happily remarried (and so the kids have a grandpa).
  • He attended public schools in Phoenix; he graduated from Paradise Valley High School in 1998; and he graduated from Thomas Aquinas College in 2002.
  • He taught at Veritas Preparatory Academy for a total of six years (one of those years during law school).
  • He taught Ancient History, Medieval History, Humane Letters, and Latin (7th-grade Latin was his favorite).
  • He graduated from the ASU College of Law in 2011 (and he's been a licensed lawyer since 2012).
  • He received a Master's degree in English Literature from ASU in 2011.
  • His friends & family call him Jamie.

You will find Jamie Hanson on Twitter as @jnhanson, and you will find him on Instagram as @hansonius.